Senior Manager Corporate Administration

Location: Klang
Job ID: BIR6

Specialization: HUMAN RESOURCES

Job description:

Summary of the role:

  • Responsible for developing, reviewing, and improving policies, systems, and procedures; and generally ensuring the office operates smoothly and efficiently for company.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devise ways to streamline processes in the holding company.
  • Developing, reviewing, and improving administrative systems, policies, and procedures to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance to meet company requirements.
  • Monitor inventory of office supplies and the purchasing of new material with attention to budgetary constraints.
  • Monitor costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation.
  • Oversee facilities services, maintenance activities and tradespersons (e.g. electricians).
  • Organize and supervise other office activities (recycling, renovations, etc.)
  • Ensure operations adhere to policies and regulations and maintain the efficient flow of work in the office.
  • Keep abreast will all organizationally changes and business development.
  • Responsible for the safekeeping and vetting of contracts, agreements and other external documents pertaining to upkeep and renovation or any other transaction in relation to the building, its premises and company assets (owned/lease).
  • Responsible for the tracking and upkeep of physical assets (not including IT assets) in the holding company and it premises.
  • Oversees the purchasing/leasing need for physical assets in the holding company.
  • Perform periodic analyses to ensure optimum level of physical assets and cost management.
  • Perform periodic analysis on the consumption of office consumables.
  • Responsible for the procurement and purchasing processes, documentation, and controls in the holding company.
  • Perform periodic analysis for process improvements and cost management.
  • Responsible for managing and supervising current contractors in compliance with service agreement /contract.
  • Plan and monitor for a regular building and assets inspection.

Job Requirements:


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in business administration, Management, Economics, or a related field.
  • Minimum 5 years in a supervisory role for an office/building management and administration function.
  • Working knowledge of relevant laws and management of office buildings; fixtures and fittings, equipment, and other fixed assets in the building; office administration matters, including office consumables and purchasing.
  • Working knowledge of safety measures and emergency procedures for occupants, buildings and physical assets in the building and its premises.
  • Update with best practices for safety, upkeep and maintenance, utilities management and procurement.

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